Welcome to Jo’s Labyrinth


Jo’s Labyrinth is a celebration of the imagination. It is a place to grow a young person’s love of the written word. There are two main sections of Jo’s Labyrinth:

Personalised Picture Books

Imagine your child’s joy at owning a picture book that features him or her! Not only do these books include your child’s name as the main character of the story, but they also include your child as part of the art.

You can find more information on the page Personalised Picture Books.

On the Blog

Click the links below to view each of the categories. And if you subscribe to the blog (it’s free!) you will get updated whenever new content is added.

Monday Munchkins is all about the little ones. If you’re a parent with a toddler or preschooler, or a kindergarten/preschool teacher, this section is for you. This section provides stories, activities and general tips encouraging a love of reading and books for young children.

Teacher Tuesday is for teachers of primary/elementary school children (though some posts can be used by teachers of middle school/early high school students as well) and homeschool parents. In this section you can find lesson ideas, activity sheets, book studies and other ideas for promoting Literacy in the classroom.

If you’re a teen or upper primary school student interested in writing or becoming an author, Writer Wednesday is for you. Find writing prompts to help get the ideas flowing and writing exercises to help you hone your writing skills. Includes tips and examples. (Teachers of older children and teens may find this section helpful too).

Check out our favourite fiction books. Books will range from picture books through to Young Adult novels.


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