Friday Favourites – Farms, Fire Fighters and High Heels

Title: Baby’s First Farm

What it’s about: A simple words and pictures board book. Each page has a picture of a farm animal or other item found on a farm (eg: tractor, boots, etc.) accompanied by its name.

Why the fairy princess likes it: Although she’s now getting a little old for simple word and picture books, she still loves to look at them. She’s at an age now where she can name each animal/item without much prompting from me, so it’s almost as though she’s reading the book herself.

Favourite part: ‘Cat’. She loves cats, so she always gets excited when we get to this page. She makes a big show of saying ‘cat’ and meowing.

Title: Busiest Fire Fighters Ever!

Author/Illustrator: Richard Scarry

What it’s about: The four fire fighter pigs of Richard Scarry’s Busytown. The book shows the sort of things they do as fire fighters, and ends with them going to a big emergency fire. Quite an appropriate favourite to have this week, as it was the anniversary of Richard Scarry’s birthday only five days ago.

Why the captain likes it: We were at a book stall at a market and he was allowed to pick any book he wanted; this was the book he choose and it has been a recurring bedtime read ever since. He says he likes it because it has fire fighters in it. (And, funnily enough, he doesn’t want to be a fire fighter when he grows up, but he does think his sister should be a fire fighter when she grows up).

Favourite part: The last page where the fire fighters are having a barbeque with those they helped. “Fire fighters know how to make good fires as well as how to put out bad fires!”

*Parents of children aged 10-13 may want to judge for themselves if they think it’s appropriate, but I can’t recall any instances of swearing (except for the word you can see on the cover below) or any sexual references. One character smokes, but we don’t see very much of her in the book.

Title: Running in Heels

Author: Helen Bailey

What it’s about: Daisy Davenport is popular, comes from a rich family, goes to a posh school and has a hot boyfriend. Then everything goes wrong. Her dad gets sent to jail, she has to move to a school where everyone hates her and her entire world is turned upside down.

Why I liked it: The characters, particularly Daisy, are so real. I could really relate to Daisy because, like me, she hates confrontation. In Daisy’s case, the inability to confront people leads to some funny situations. The bullying she receives also really hit home for me too, and a few parts had me in tears because I could relate. The book made me laugh and cry and really root for the main character, which is everything you want a book to do.

Favourite part: This part made me laugh out loud. Daisy is sitting in the principal’s office feeling overwhelmed, so to calm down she starts count the beads on the principal’s necklace. “I’m transfixed by a strange bead-shaped bulge. Oh God, is that a bead or an enormous nipple? It’s green but it’s a different sort of green to the others, more dress-green than bead-green, but it’s so hard to differentiate between the swirly-patterned dress and the multi-coloured necklace. Oh no! How has this happened? Wanda-May never warned me about getting stuck trying to decide between a bead and a nipple.”


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