Friday Favourites – Green Sheep and Twisted Fairytales

Since the following book is a big favourite of both the princess and the captain, and both have been requesting it quite a bit this week, I’ll be combining them together into one.

Title: Where is the Green Sheep

Author: Mem Fox

Illustrator: Judy Horacek

What it’s about: There are thin and wide sheep, swing and slide sheep, near and far sheep, moon and star sheep, but through the entire book we’re asked the question, ‘Where is the green sheep?’ His location is finally revealed at the very end.

Why the captain likes it: He currently has the book memorised and can sit down and read it word for word. The repetitive rhyme scheme and bright colourful pictures accompanying the text make the words easy for kids to remember. When I asked him why he liked it, he said it was because he could read it all by himself.

Why the princess likes it: She loves the bright colourful pictures, and the simple text combined with the illustrations means she can say some of the words on each page too. we have a lot of fun reading it all together.

Favourite part: The captain told me this is his favourite part, but I’m pretty sure it is the princess’s favourite part too: The last page when we finally find the green sheep.


Title: Sisters Red

Author: Jackson Pearce

What it’s about: Based on the fairytale Little Red Riding Hood, the story alternates between two sisters, Scarlett and Rosie, who are werewolf hunters. They are joined by their long time neighbour and best friend who is the son of a woodsman. The three travel to the city together to find out why werewolves are gathering in force. Amongst the action there is change in the relationships between the three that threatens to tear them apart.

Why I liked it: I love reading about strong female characters and I also love fairytale retellings. The voices of both the girls come across really well. The ever-changing relationships between the three main characters drew me into the characters on an emotional level, while the action in fighting the werewolves had me on the edge of my seat in suspense. Although I had a suspicion throughout the book what part of the twist at the end would be, I still bawled my eyes out as I read the final chapters.

Favourite part: “I close my eyes again, but instead of searching for a dream to take me away, I focus on a person. My sister, the other half of my heart. The only person I know who could unfailingly find a way through a locked door and a pack of hungry Fenris. Think like Scarlett. I push myself into her mind until I can almost feel her scars on my skin, feel the rush of energy that flows through her during a hunt… I am Scarlett. I am confident, I am capable, and I will not wait to be rescued by a woodsman or a hunter. I will escape.”


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