My Dad Thinks He’s Funny

Here’s a Father’s Day Literacy activity you can do using the fantastically funny picture book My Dad Thinks He’s Funny by Australian author Katrina Germein and illustrated by Tom Jellett.

1. Read kids the picture book ‘My Dad Thinks He’s Funny’ if you can get a hold of it. If not, discuss funny things dads say using these examples:

“My dad doesn’t like babysitting. He doesn’t think anyone should sit on babies. And he also doesn’t lie in bed. He says you should always tell the truth.”

2. Ask kids if their dads (or other adults) ever say any of the funny things from the book.

(Bonus: For older kids you can discuss puns and whether they know of any other puns.)

3. Brainstorm some more funny things students’ dads (or other adults) say. Write them on whiteboard or large piece of paper.

4. Get kids to go back to tables and write about something funny their dad (or other adult) has said or done. They can use brainstormed ideas on the board for inspiration or think of something else. (For older kids you might like them to focus on using puns.)

5. Kids who finish early can draw an illustration to go with their funny story.

6. Share stories as a class.

Bonus: Get kids to ‘publish’ their stories by typing them up and mounting them on coloured card with an illustration to give to their dads (or other special adult) for Father’s Day.


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