Book Advent Tree for Christmas

I’m starting the Christmas posts a wee bit early because this is an idea you’ll need to prepare by December 1st. I saw this idea on My Little Bookcase and thought it was just brilliant. It’s a great way to count down the days until Christmas and encourage reading in your little one.

Image from My Little Bookcase

The idea is to collect 24 Christmas/holiday themed books, wrap them in green paper and stack them from largest to smallest to look like a Christmas tree. Place the stack on a brown-paper-covered box and top with a star or angel. Each night your children get to open a book and you can then read it together. A much healthier advent idea than chocolate! And if you’re anything like me, I love to read my kids Christmas stories in the lead up to Christmas.

If you don’t have 24 Christmas themed books, don’t worry. My Little Bookcase has some great, non-expensive ideas, such as scouring op shops or even borrowing some from the library (just be wary of due dates when placing your books in the stack. you don’t want your library book to be at number 24 if it’s due back on the 10th).

Some of our Christmas favourites:

– An Aussie Night Before Christmas

– The Australian Twelve Days of Christmas

– Elmo’s Christmas Colours (board book)

– Santa’s Busy Christmas (board book)

– Born in a Stable (board book)

– The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

And I just picked up a new one today I just know my kids will love as they adore the Hairy Maclarey books. It’s called Slinky Malinki’s Christmas Crackers.

Pop on over to My Little Bookcase to see some of their other book advent ideas, like matchbox treat boxes disguised as mini books (my favourite treat idea was to put a dollar in each one and by the end have enough money to buy a new book) or for older kids a page a day bookmark.


2 thoughts on “Book Advent Tree for Christmas

  1. Thanks for sharing the post.I fyou love Aussie Christmas books you must get your hands on a copy of Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle. It is my very favourite Christmas book.
    I’m going to have a little peruse around your blog now. Have a great Christmas.

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