Show, Don’t Tell – It was a hot day

Looking for a writing activity to do over the summer holidays? This is a great one for working on descriptive writing. The idea is to take a simple sentence and show it instead of just telling it. For example, take this sentence:

‘It was a hot day.’

Now try to describe a hot day without using the word ‘hot. Use all five senses if you can. Here’s an example:

The sun seared down on me. Sweat dripped down my face and into the crevices of my mouth leaving a salty taste on my dry, parched tongue. The air smelt of burnt leaves and had a haziness to it. Cicadas chirped and flies buzzed.

Now it’s your turn. Can you describe a hot day by showing instead of telling? After you’ve tried that one, here are a few others you can try:

‘It was a cold day.’

‘I saw a dog.’

‘A cat sat on a fence.’

‘I went to the beach.’


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