Show, Don’t Tell – It was a hot day

Looking for a writing activity to do over the summer holidays? This is a great one for working on descriptive writing. The idea is to take a simple sentence and show it instead of just telling it. For example, take this sentence:

‘It was a hot day.’

Now try to describe a hot day without using the word ‘hot. Use all five senses if you can. Here’s an example:

The sun seared down on me. Sweat dripped down my face and into the crevices of my mouth leaving a salty taste on my dry, parched tongue. The air smelt of burnt leaves and had a haziness to it. Cicadas chirped and flies buzzed.

Now it’s your turn. Can you describe a hot day by showing instead of telling? After you’ve tried that one, here are a few others you can try:

‘It was a cold day.’

‘I saw a dog.’

‘A cat sat on a fence.’

‘I went to the beach.’


Book Week Writing Challenge

Have you ever read a book and thought ‘What if…?’ or ‘What happened before the story?’ or ‘What happened after the story?’

What if Bella chose Jacob?

What was Ron Weasley’s life like before Hogwarts?

What happened after Charlie took over the Chocolate Factory?

Your book week challenge is to pick a book and write a story that explores the untold story of one of the characters or a ‘What if..?’ story.